Go 4 Agri International

The importance of finding solutions for agricultural and environmental challenges in the world is recognised worldwide. Go4Agri International contributes by offering you powerful solutions for your valuable projects, based on solid performance.


Partnership is the keyword behind the Go4Agri International operations. To ensure the most perfect match between our knowledge and your demands, more market orientated divisions have been established.

Backed up by long-term experience and expert knowledge of local conditions, we work closely with customers to plan and implement facilities. In all of these projects Go4Agri International takes a teamwork approach, working with customers, engineering professionals, suppliers, building contractors and architects to analyse the current situation, chart future needs, and to find the best possible solution.


Our mission statement is to contribute to the worldwide efforts to deal with agricultural and environmental challenges by implementing Western Know How into Eastern Europe and practical tailor-made solutions with acceptable long payment terms. Go4Agri International executes agricultural and environmental projects. Either on a turnkey or a package supply basis.

In projects all the pieces must fit together and work seamlessly. From initial planning to equipment selection and procurement, delivery, installation, commissioning and training we coordinate every stage of the project. We are strongly committed to after-sales support, including service and maintenance, once the facility is up and running.

Facility Support Services

Go4Agri International strives to help her own daughters improve their competitive position by focusing on their operations, maintenance effectiveness and building efficiency. Go4Logistic is an in company service which is also available for Go4Agri customers.


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